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We specialize in options that do not require the use of a "funeral home" for visitation or service.

"The Business of Family Business,” host Ryan Wrecker sits down with Trey and Keith Kriegshauser of Kriegshauser Brothers Funeral Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you are using a “funeral home” as a gathering place, calling Kriegshauser Brothers has clear advantages.  We strongly believe a family should not have to pay for facilities they are not using.  If you call a “funeral home,” but you are not actually using it as a gathering place, you are unknowingly paying for their high overhead. Since we do not have to pass on the high overhead of a neighborhood funeral home, typical savings are 25-45%, or $1,000 to $4,000.

We specialize in services that do not require the use of a “funeral home”, therefore, we are able to operate from our centrally located arrangement office on Brentwood Boulevard. In this setting, we are able to provide all of the necessary services that you expect from a funeral director.

Yes, we have a variety of metal and hardwood caskets on display at our office. We also have a display of metal and concrete burial vaults. For families selecting cremation, we have a large selection of urns.

The casket alone will not withstand the weight of the earth’s load or heavy cemetery digging equipment driving over the grave. Without the support of a burial vault, the casket and its contents may be crushed. A depression may appear above ground.

Call us and we will arrange for transportation back to St. Louis.

We will make arrangements with the out of town funeral director. After local services have been held, we will handle transportation to the other city.

Social Security provides a $255 death benefit to a surviving spouse. For additional information, please refer to our Resources page and click on the Social Security Administration link.

An eligible veteran may be interred at a National Cemetery such as Jefferson Barracks in South St. Louis County. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides the following at no charge: the grave space, the opening and closing of the grave, the concrete grave liner, the grave marker and a U.S. flag. These benefits, except for the flag, are also available to the veteran’s spouse. For additional information, please refer to our Resources page and click on the Department of Veterans Affairs link.

Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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