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Thomas Tucker December 23, 1934 - August 12, 2023

Thomas Richard Tucker

Thomas, affectionately known as Tom, passed away peacefully on August 12th, 2023, after a long, valiant struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Tom was born on December 23,1934 in Mount Vernon, New York to Robert and Rosa Woelfler Tucker.  He often spoke fondly about his happy childhood surrounded by his four siblings, John Tucker, Robert Tucker, Elizabeth Tucker Treacy and Mary Tucker Angelini, and his large extended family.  Even after Alzheimer’s took his brilliant mind, he still loved telling stories about the large family gatherings of his childhood.

He graduated from Manhattan College in 1956 with a degree in Civil Engineering and enjoyed a long career in the new and rapidly growing computer industry with leadership and senior positions at several companies including Dorr-Oliver, IBM, Montgomery Ward, Monsanto and finally as a consultant.  He loved technology and frequently brought home prototypes of the latest gadgets and inventions including the first microwave, VCR, personal computer and home printer.

After he retired, Tom’s motto became “fitness and fun are goal number one” and he threw his energy and passion into his lifelong loves of skiing, sailing and biking.  He raced sailboats and sailed on countless cruises and races throughout the East Coast with his beloved brothers, Bob and John. The Tucker brothers were well known in the National Organization of the Corinthians Yacht Club and were leaders and officers of the Club for decades.  Tom skied eight weeks a year in the Rocky Mountains and Canada with the St. Louis Ski Club, the Over the Hill Gang and with his many friends from all over the country.  When in St. Louis, he enjoyed sailing at Lake Carlyle and riding his bike with friends, often more than 200 miles a week.  He stayed in close contact with his many sailing, skiing and biking friends even after he was no longer physically able to compete.

Tom enjoyed genealogy and ancestry and spent years studying his family and their accomplishments through the centuries.  After he traced his own family back to the 1600’s, he researched his wife Dee’s family back to before the American Revolution, and then turned to learning about the families of his girls’ spouses for his grandchildren.  He was a Civil War historian, inspired by the role his family played in the Civil War, and cherished his Civil War flag, marching drum, New York 5th uniform and other items that have been passed down through his family.

Tom was quietly spiritual and generous with his charitable giving.  He tried to give and help anytime he saw suffering and taught his daughters to think of and try to help people who were going through difficult times.  He was active with charitable organizations such as the United Way, Wings of Hope, Junior Achievement, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Covenant House, the Salvation Army, Boys Town and various Veteran organizations.  He was patriotic and thought that the best way to make a difference was to give others the tools and education that they needed to succeed.

He is survived by the loves of his life: his wife of 62 years, Dr. Dolores ‘Dee’ Reynolds Tucker; his daughters Allyson Tucker Cowin (Andrew), Donna Tucker Giunta (Nick) and Teressa Tucker Wendell (Jon); his four grandchildren, Catherine, Alexandra. and Caroline Cowin and Jack Wendell; and many nieces, nephews and dear friends.  He was always there for those he loved and jumped in to provide anything that they needed, often flying all over the country on short notice to help out, to lend a hand, or give support.  He was wise, kind, considerate and brilliant. Those who loved him thought that he was invincible and that there was nothing that he could not do or accomplish.  He had a remarkable quality of living his life by a code of honor from which he never deviated.

Services:   Funeral Mass will be held Monday, August 21st at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 106 N. Meramec Avenue in Clayton at 10 a.m.  In lieu of flowers, please donate to the charity of your choice or do an anonymous act of kindness.

Funeral Mass will be held Monday, August 21st at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 106 N. Meramec Avenue in Clayton at 10 a.m.  In lieu of flowers, please donate to the charity of your choice or do an anonymous act of kindness.


  1. REPLY
    Hannah says

    Dee, I got to see and say hi to Tom the day before he passed. He was sleeping but I told him how much I miss him and that I’m always thinking abut you and him! I’m so thankful I got to do that! So sorry to hear of his passing and I send you and your family hugs! <3

  2. REPLY
    Carol Gleason says

    Dee, so sorry to hear about Tom’s passing. I often wonder what has happened to my St. Louis Ski Club buddies. Probably the last time I saw Tom he was pedaling along the flats in Chesterfield.

  3. REPLY
    Jenny Marrone says

    Peace in your eternal and easy rest ! ❤️❤️

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